Faith Regional Physician Services Hand, Wrist & Elbow

Faith Regional Physician Services Hand, Wrist & Elbow

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About Us

Patients from across the United States have traveled to Norfolk, Nebraska to be treated for injuries and disorders involving the hand, wrist, and elbow. Our upper extremity surgeon and medical team specialize in diagnosing and treating a wide range of hand, wrist and elbow disorders and injuries, from carpal tunnel to reattachment, on patients of all ages.

Faith Regional Physician Services Hand, Wrist and Elbow’s experienced therapists provide rehabilitation from injuries and post-surgery, while working closely with our providers, helping patients recover from injuries and surgeries such as:

Carpal Tunnel
Broken Limbs
Amputations of Upper Extremities
Replantations of Upper Extremities


Tristan Hartzell, M.D.
Beth Olson, O.T.R./L.-C.H.T.
Jami Doele, O.T.R./L.-C.H.T.
Wendi Eisenbraun, O.T.R./L.-C.H.T.
Ashley Hefner, M.O.T.R./L.
Kaitlyn Janata, P.A.-C.
Jordan Janssen, M.P.A.S., P.A.-C.
Lindsay Peterson, PA-C

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